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Re: Do you get migraines while pregnant?

Originally Posted by evasimone View Post
I am lucky I guess that I get migraine with auras. They tend to not be as severe pain wise from what I've read. It does really, really suck to be at work and all the sudden start feeling funny and lose the vision in one eye. I will usually try caffeine first and then a tylenol if I am having a lot of pain because once the aura goes then my head starts hurting.

I went through a few months in the second trimester where I got them pretty often.
I get both kinds, auras first usually means a lot less pain and usually no queasiness with the migraine. I can work through those once I'm able to see again (that is a scary thing though!) The kind with no visual disturbances usually cause me to lay on the couch and cry.

Also try taking benadryl. Seriously it helps me. An ice pack on the back of the neck can help, too.
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