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Re: At what age/ weight did you stop wearing your baby?

Thanks mamas so much for the help. I just traded one ergo for a Boba 3G I am hoping to love that. Also my husbands Grandmother has been in the hospital for the past few days. She is very sick and we have had to spend tons of time there. The ergo was a LIFESAVER!! When DS would not stop running around and acting crazy I put him in it and he got used to it very fast. He even started to ask for it! The stroller was too much of a pain to deal with in the hospital and the ergo was perfect. I did have some leg/back pain but I could deal with it. I don't know if I am doing something wrong or if maybe the Boba will be better. Its not terrible honestly. I have been through a lot this past year and don't have a lot of my usual physical strength so I am just happy I was able to do it as much as I was. I will definitely be keeping at least one carrier.
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