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Absorbant fitted for big baby?

I absolutely love using fitteds and wool at night, but I have two problems. One, my baby is a heavy wetter (I get leaks with a workhorse and hemp doubler under a woollybottoms soaker). Two, my baby is growing fast (born 7lb9oz and over 18lbs at 4 months). I found that blueberry bamboo fitteds are very thirsty and I love them. I got them because they are one size and figured they would last a while. Well I got them black Friday and my guy is already wearing them with all snaps open! There is no room for him to grow!!!! I have one goodmomma and that seems tight too. I have already sized up my stash twice. What night fitted diapers can I find that will actually last a while??? (not to mention the wool I have to replace already!)
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