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Re: Best Bottom Trainers?

I really wanted to love them and really really really really didn't.

They held more than I expected but no, not full accidents while you're out and about. We had to fanagle 2 inserts into them for that.

The biggest mistake they made was not making the leg holes stretchy. As you can see on their size charts, for instance, one size fits thighs "14-14 1/2 inches". On my son (who did have 14" thighs, even) they were too tight at the top of his thigh and still gapped at the crotch, so they leaked.

For my full tirade you can search the forums ... I don't need to repeat it all here.

They're such a great concept but so badly executed.

Gerbers are like underwear with more padding, and you put waterproof pants over.

A lot of people love Grovia and Flips. Didn't work for us because he'd try to pull them up and they would come unsnapped.

Sadly, we're in disposables until I finish sewing him some ... oh maybe I ought to do that with my quiet house tonight instead of messing around online ...

Have a look at Tinkle Time Trainers. And people love Superundies (also didn't work for us, odd fit).
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