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Re: November TTC #1 -No Children Mentioned-

CD#13. I'm 22 now and I posted in SS about my birthday if anyone wants to go read it. O is soon and i'm trying to make sure DH and I BD a lot right now. I've only got 2 people left to buy Christmas presents for and a birthday gift to buy for my god-daughter. I'm debating whether or not to test on Christmas. One on hand it will be awesome to find out on Christmas day if we're expecting our first baby, but one the other hand getting another negative test on that day just might ruin the day. I still have a while to decide though. I didn't really have long to get on here today, I never do anymore and i'm sorry about that because I never get the time to comment about what's going on with everyone else, but i'm going to try and make time for it tomorrow or the next day. Before I get off here though I wanted to share a funny conversation DH and I had on my birthday. He was telling me how one of his friends had to sell his XBox 360 for $50, even though the friend had just gotten it, to buy disposable diapers. I told him how mad it made me hearing about that kind of stuff anymore and how people could save themselves so much money and aggravation by just using cloth. He agreed with me and said he hated hearing stuff like that every since I told him about cloth diapers! We both agreed we could never justify buying diapers that we were just going to throw away because it was just like throwing your money away. We then had a conversation about what kind of stash we would have for our future baby and DH said he was fine with the flats I showed him at Wal-Mart, lol. I told him that while we would have some of those I would also want some pockets and cotton/flannel fitteds for ease of use and bamboo fitteds for night. He said I could get whatever I wanted as long as we didn't have to use disposables! I just had to share that before I went to bed.
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