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Re: I don't understand people who say disposables are cheaper

sorry this isnt exactly what ur looking for im sure, but have u thought of using wool? if u dont DD got INSANE rashes with PUL, DS does too, but not as bad im now suing wool full time..even though he has cotton diapers and feels wet he doesnt get rashes like he did when we used PUL covers...

also i think that a lot of ppl do wait on changing sposies..not to be mean but i have totally noticed people who do that..i was never that way when my DD was in sposies (B4 my love for cloth blossomed) as soon as she peed id take that thing off n toss it but ive totally seen ppl, and family members even, who will let their kid have a soaked saggy diaper for a long time..
a few times i kind of just waited to see when the kid would actually get changed, finally i just did it..(family memeber) but ya i totally dont understand that at all they ARE NOT cheaper!

also another thought maybe using flats since they clean easiest u dont need bleach for those... or fitteds and doing coverless at home..just had to put my 2 cents in
good luck mama!!!
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