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Thanks. I am really pleased. I know with everything combined it will still look like a ton but what they're getting is much less 'stuff' and more quality and personal.

So what's everyone up to? Harper is little miss attitude lately and has learned to climb into the kitchen table. The boys do their homework there and color and puzzles and she is CONSTANTLY climbing to see what's been left. She loves to write with their pencils. She eats crayons right now so those are a no-no for now.

She had her 15 month check- not sure if I posted. She is doing great physically. Her weight gain has massively slowed, which is typical for my kids. She was 21 pounds and 32.5" tall. Her weight puts her at the 10th% (down from 95th%) and height at 98th%. Dr isn't concerned but we'll keep an eye on her gain/food intake. Got one shot, that wasn't fun. I agreed to varivax at the 18 month visit. Not looking forward to that....

Topic idea: What are your babes eating? Likes, dislikes? Scheduled mealtimes or grazing? Do they eat from their own plate or have bits of yours?

Us.... Harper is offered everything we eat. She has her own plate but frequently prefers to eat from ours. LOVES: my broccoli cheese soup, anything in a casserole, scrambled eggs, frozen peas, cooked carrots, cereal in a bowl with milk, anything to dip. Dislikes: oatmeal, any yogurt but vanilla Greek, macaroni and cheese. I offer her food at all mealtimes but most of the time she eats a larger mid morning snack as breakfast, and dinner. Many days she naps through lunch.
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