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Re: Have you used a bedwetting alarm?

Yes, and it was nothing like pps experience. It made a vibrating type of sound and wasn't jarring at all. It helped my nephew who at nearly 10 still wet the bed. He slept so deep that even when we tried to take him to the bathroom and his eyes were open he would never be able to go. He used it for 6 months when it broke and before my sister could order a new one, realized he no longer needed it. What it does is at the first drop of wetness makes a sound and a vibration. It is attached to the undies and the collar of the pajama top. Once the child is repeatedly woken over days, it begins to train the mind to wake up at the sensation of needing to go. I highly rec. it to anyone who needs it. It is non invasive. The one my sister go from the ped was called a Starry. Also the older the child is the longer it can take to work.
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