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Re: How many woolies for full time use?

Yes night weight is thicker wool. Like, I love our loveybums interlock pull-up wool for day, but it is too thin for night. You definitely need two nighttime soakers or pants, we have just one sbish soaker that works for night so when I wash I need something else for the two days it takes to dry.
I love wool and fitteds, but I would advise that you wait until your LO is here to see what you like before you go nuts on your stash. I know everyone says that, but I didn't listen and I wish that I had. Now I have a stash of pockets and some covers that don't work for my DD.
I also can't imagine using wool on a newborn full time. I know people do it, and I do want to make a wool sack for our next baby, but I'd plan on having a couple of newborn PUL covers to have on hand. Nighttime poopy diaper changes + wool sounds like it would have been way more than I could have handled.
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