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Re: What to price at and where to sell a baby bjorn carrier

Originally Posted by Hillargh View Post
People stay away from it because of it being a crotch dangler mainly, and crappy weight distribution (comfort).

I bought mine for $30, sold for $40. I would try locally unless you want a more than 50% loss.

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don't worry, don't think anyone will try to sell you one

OP, you'll be able to find someone. It will just take longer than it did 5 years ago. I don't mind mine (guess I'm just strong because I find it comfy and both kids slept in it) and don't plan on passing it on until I know I won't have more. I did make sure I talked to drs after all the talk came out. There are still a couple people out there that are ok with them. You won't get 100 for it, though. Good luck!!

edit: definitely look for people who want to have their baby with them (hands free) but aren't comfortable using slings- or don't want an awkward insert. I got a ton of brand new various slings past on to me by every new mom I know IRL-- no one wanted the learning curve/ didn't feel secure/ just something. Great for me, but I was disappointed for them.
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