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Question for those who have had a Mirena placed

Okay ladies, I have a question....I had a Mirena placed today. It says in the booklet that they gave me that if I develop severe pain within a few hours after the procedure to call my physician b/c it could be an infection. How much pain is normal? It actually didn't hurt at all after I had it placed, and I had no pain going to my car. Afterward we had to stop by Walmart to pick up some pads b/c she said not to use tampons for a week, it hurt some to walk around for the 5 minutes we were there. The drive home kind of sucked b/c it is lots of twists and turns, but once I got home and got settled on the sofa my mild discomfort went away and I was pain free and comfy. It was placed at about 4:30pm.

Well, at about 9pm, my abdomen started to throb pretty badly and even with a full dose of Aleve and 4 ibuprofen it won't go away, and it kills to walk now and when I stand up I get a really sharp pain in that area. Is it normal for it to not really hurt until this long after I had it placed? If it is normal, do you know how long it will last? Should I be concerned?
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