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For pee dispers, wipe the external girl parts with a wet wipe at every change. I also hit the legs and bum because I have found that DD will get irritated skin. I use one wipe most of the time. Id do the same for a boy.

I do not clean the internal parts around tje ureatha except if there is a need - big messy job that got everywhere, etc. It's a bigger issue when there newbies and have liquidy poops. Once my DD started having solid poop, it was less of a problem because it didn't move forward too much. As for the vagina, I just make sure the parts I can see are clean. I don't want to mess around and push anything inside.

I bathe my DD pretty much every day (shes 2) and we wash the internal and external parts with a gentle soap and wash cloth.

I seem to remember the ped telling me not to mess around with the folds and crevices around the urethra too much when she was a nb but that if you needed to clean to take a q tip soaked in water and GENTLY cleaning up. Talk to your ped when baby is born I seem to remember being given explicit instructions on the matter. I just can't remember. sorry preggo brain.
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