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Originally Posted by disneylindsay
I don't get how a person can sell diapers like that or even have a diaper like that for personal use. I have a fit when my diapers are not smelling clean and every now and then it happens, and I work my hardest to fix it! They would have to be perfect smellwise for me to sell them to someone!!

BTW OP How is the diaper smelling now?
It smells like nothing now. I soaked it for 24 hrs in about half a cup of bac out and half a scoop of country save. I rinsed it about 6 times in super hot water and it smells like my other diapers now. Like absolutely nothing. I'm so relieved.

These horror poop stories are freaking me out. This is exactly why I've been buying new diapers for over six months. But I just couldn't pass up a good deal. Lesson learned.

Some people are just gross. I've lint rolled the inside of diapers to make sure the buyer got a pretty package. I would never sell a stinky diaper. Smh.
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