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Re: Aug '11 - December Chat

Stella eats everything and I do mean everything. Even all the strange Chinese food Ayi gives her that I won't touch. You know its something special when there isn't an english name for what you are eating...

Speaking of Little Miss!!! She just had a checkup and little stinker is tipping the scale over 22lbs!!!!! She has gained 5lbs since August. Failure to thrive my hiney.... this puts her at the 40% and I don't remember her inches 32ish I think so up to the 90%.

Been working nonstop this week to do all my lesson plans and test projects for January classes. I don't remember if I said or not but I took a position childrens art classes part time at a studio.

This is my fav upcoming project its inspired by Paul Klee's painting "Fish Magic"

Poo nevermind I can't upload an attachment... stupid China firewall...

LiFe iS wHaT yOu MaKe iT, LeMoNs MaKe GrEaT lEmOnAdE
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