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Nice stash, I'll share mine too. But I may have to add photos later.

Currently I have:

5 Moonbow 7" Moonlite winged liners backed with wool.
Colors are dark purple, dark teal, spring green, bubblegum pink and turquoise. Bought from Sweetbottom Baby boutique.

4 Naturally Hip 7" OBV winged liners.
2 are Azureus Blue and 2 are Springtime print bought on Etsy.

On the way I have:

1 Moonbow 7" Moonlite wool backed liner in Lapis Blue. (I wanted 6 of these and just had to wait for another color to be in stock

And Lillapads is having a sale on Etsy so I picked up some to try. I got:

2 - 8" bamboo and organic cotton light flow winged pads backed with merino jersey, one pink and one lime green I think.
2 - 8" cotton light/regular flow winged pads with ultra thin pul, they are a soft turquoise with a floral print of turquoise, pinks and purples.
3 pack variety set with 1- 9" regular flow, 1 - 8" light flow and 1 - 8" liner, cotton winged pads with ultra thin pul. They are lime green and pink with an apple print.
And I get a free surprise pad for ordering in December.

Thats's 18 total, a mix of liners and light flow, I think that's probably plenty, can't wait to try the Lillapads. I like having the variety. But I may get 2 more Naturally Hip liners, I really love the ones I have and then I could have a round 20. I like even numbers
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