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I have 12 and that is the perfect amount for me. I love the GEM cloth liners because they are really trim and I am really small, so they work well for me. They are very similar to sposie liners, just more absorbent. I use them as backup for my Diva cup and the last few days of AF, or when I know I'm about to start. I wash about every other day with diapers. I also have a few Silver Liner liners that I use as back up with my cup for my heavy days because they are thicker, longer, and a little more absorbent.

Then I also have a stash of regular and heavy pads. I think altogether I have 20 something mama cloths. I have a stash pic somewhere I will try and post later.

ETA: I found it! Gem cloth on left, The Silver Liner on right. I love having both because I like and use them both for different times of my flow.
Top row is heavy. Middle row is regular, and bottom row is liners. I am missing a liner in the pic.
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