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Re: What are your time limit rules for Tablets and gaming systems?

Originally Posted by trying4more View Post
We are getting the kids Kindle Fire's and I read that they have a parental control that I can time how long they can play games and watch movies/netflix, but leave the book open without limits!
However, they will not get their tablets until they have done their chores, done their homework. Maybe not until even after Dinner.
I was very torn by getting them a tablet.
I didn't really want one more thing they glue their face too and disconnect with the world, but at the same time, the world is turning to be digital dependence and I want them familiar with it! kwim?
So here's what we're going to do.

Over Christmas break they can have it as much as they want. But won't get it until their room is clean and they've picked their stuff up that's in the living room.

Once school starts back up for DS1, he won't get it until his home work is done and the bedroom is picked up for the day. Then he can have 1 hour. Extra time can be earned by doing other chores.

For DS2, he can have 1 hour during the day while his brother is at school and 1 hour in the evening while DS1 is using his. But, he'll have a couple of small chores to do during the day before he gets his tablet time. And he has to help his brother clean their bedroom for his evening tablet time.

If DS1 comes home with a negative mark in his folder for the day, he'll loose half his tablet time that evening. When it's report card time, he'll get an extra 10 minutes for every mark that is improved over the previous report card... at this age he gets 1-4, rather than A's, B's etc. in each subject.

1. Not at grade level and not making progress.
2. Not at grade level, making progress.
3. At grade level
4. Advanced passed grad level.

So for each improvement, he'll get 10 extra minutes per night for a week.
If they want to look at an e-book, it won't count towards their time.

I think I like this set up as a starting point, and then we can adjust as needed.

God bless!
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