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Re: Allergies/Elecare?

Well, she's doing fine on elecare and the GI upped her zantac to 1ml 3x a day which seems to be okay, but she's still not eating any more than 20oz a day. I'm beginning to think this is just how she's going to be. It's like she's physically incapable or taking any more than that in a 24hr period. If she wakes in the night and I feed her, then she'll drink less through the day. She had her 4mo appt. a few days ago and she's finally hit 12lbs. But she went from the 40th percentil at 2mo to the 16th now at 4mo The doctor isn't hugely concerned since she had that big drop in weight and reflux. But she's not gaining as much as they'd like so we'll go back in a month for a weight check.

Sad to hear that other babies experienced the same after their 2mo vaxs. Wendow - how do you know that it was made w/ dairy? Is there someway I could find out? I didn't get the rotateq with her 4mo vax, because I think that is the one that caused the issue. But, who knows. She's had no issues thus far with the 4mo ones. But I'm waiting...
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