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Re: No-bake cake?

I know one that I usually make for dessert in special occasions. I use tiramisu on this one so I call it Tiramisu Delight.

Things needed:
-Tiramisu/lady fingers/broas
-coffee for soaking tiramisu
-cream cheese or mascarpone
-3/4 cup of condensed milk
-some chocolate syrup
-colorful meringue bits, scrapes of your favorite chocolate bar or marshmallows, whatever garnish you prefer

Soak tiramisu in coffee, layer them flat at the bottom of a baking dish, spread mascarpone/cream cheese mixed with condensed milk over the soaked tiramisu and half of the garnish. Repeat again by layering with another batch of tiramisu and the remaining cheese mixture and sprinkle with the other half of your favorite garnish and chocolate syrup. Chill for up to 5-6 hours.
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