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With an angle adjuster under our radian dd can't keep her head upright when she sleeps. But legroom is awesome. Being able to flop over the sides allows for tons of growing space. We have two that were bought for DHs old car that needed three across and I like them fine but theyre not seats I would buy again. They're persnickety to install in many cars and I hate the ratchet adjuster. I don't mind their height since we have an SUV and an Impala.

I don't feel like the true fit is huge If I wasn't so neurotic about streamlined seats I would have one for dd. She is in a ra55 right now with plenty of room to grow but the legroom is atrocious for my 98% height girl. I really hope she can stay comfortably rf in it until she is 3, when I plan to give her the fr85.
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