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Re: Stripping/Sweeping membranes?

Well I had it done with my lil boy once but didn't know till AFTER she did it , I didn't feel a thing when she did it or after really and no it didn't do anything . I think it's like anything else and only works when your body is already ready to go anyway . I personally won't be getting it done this time unless it is past 40 weeks cause I feel anything before 40 weeks is not full term (JMO) . I am also going for a VBAC so ideally need to go into labor on my own ( which I did the first time ) , but even if I for some reason have not gone into labor on my own past 42 weeks I will try induction before getting another c-section , but I will definitely try to get things going myself naturally .

P.S. I wouldn't put any stock in the size of the baby , they are usually wrong on that .
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