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Re: Regression...sort of?

Hmmm, sounds like DD. I just bought a million (ok, not really) pairs of pants and undies. If she's wet, she changes herself (sometimes asks me to help) and moves on. But I timed and watched her after giving her drinks and she legitimately will need to pee within 5 minutes of having a drink. And then 5 min after that. And 5 min later. Sounds ridiculous but once I figured that out it's helped. I have to do the same thing sometimes, it drives DH crazy. My dad has always told me I have a pea sized bladder, I guess she just inherited it from me. I figure she will eventually figure out when she needs to start to the toilet herself in order to not get wet at all. We do go through periods where she does great and rarely is wet, back to wet almost every time. But we've been at this a long time and I'm fine with wet undies because we have no pooping issues. Maybe I should pressure her more, but it seems the more frustrated we get the more problems there are for us. Who knows.
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