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Re: to circ or not to circ

Originally Posted by Galatea View Post
I have noticed that you have not answered my questions about the relative value or offensiveness of labia, breasts and foreskins. I am beginning to think that you label offensive anything that challenges your current view of circumcision.

As to my attitude, you may be right, but ad hominems do not reduce the logical value of an argument. It would be silly for you to make a decision for your child based on your dislike of me. If your son came to you as an adult and said that he was unhappy to be circumcised, do you think he will care if you say, "The people who told me not to circumcise were all obnoxious, so I had you circumcised?"
It has clearly done no good to answer your questions because how you respond is unchanged so I choose not to go back and forth.
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