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Re: Tell me about overnight solution for toddler

Originally Posted by organicmama10 View Post
We tried fitteds when he was about 1ish. They just aren't for us. He felt the diaper and the wet sensation from it which is part of the reason they didn't work for us. We took a break from cloth to sposies for overnight when he outgrew the absorbency of the MF inserts (I was double-stuffing them). This was about 4mos or so. We've been PLing so I thought we're close to being done. We're close on daytime but not so much for ov. We recently went back to cloth and he loves being in them (in fact he says no to sposies when I tried to put them on last night) but he wakes up wet just about every morning so far. Ugh!!
Could your pockets be wicking? That's the problem I've had almost every time I've tried a pocket at night. A padfolded flat in a Flip usually works for us. DD is staying dry most nights now but when she wasn't I would use a 6 layer flannel doubler as well and never had a leak with that combo.
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