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Re: A couple questions...

1.) I labeled mine with a labelmaker. The bottles all get handwashed (because the same set of 3-4 go to daycare every day), and after 4 months the labels have started to peel a little, but no one seems to mind. I'll probably just replace them every once in awhile.

2.) I leave my pump at work during the week & sometimes even on weekends. I have a manual pump at home - right now my pumping schedule is 3 times at work and then one time right before I go to bed. Since it's just one pump at home, the manual works great for me. It takes longer to do the pumping, but it's SO MUCH faster for me to set up and break down, which I love. I just watch some TV while pumping. I bring my pump home on the weekends mostly so I can just wash all the parts thoroughly. During the week, I store the parts in a fridge during the day between pumps, and then wash everything at the end of the day, let it air dry overnight.

3.) I provided disposable wipes at first, but when daycare ran out and I was too lazy to go to the store, I just started sending wetted cloth wipes in a tupperware without saying anything, and it's been that way every since. :-)
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