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Re: HSing Check-In December 8-22

Good to know more info and to have a plan for working through it. Glad to hear you got some answers. I don't visualize things in my head, either. I don't even see my dreams. My dad says I'm weird. lol

I have to admit I have been very lazy in regards to schoolwork this week. Kids have done it, but basically on heir own until they come to me with questions, and I havent been checking their work. I think tomorrow I may check everything and just have them do any corrections they have. Not sure what my issue has been the last couple of weeks, but I have just not felt like doing much. I think I need a jini vacation from everything. DH is hoping to give me one for Christmas, but he has to find out his work schedule first. Doesn't help we know he's deploying in the next few months. I think part of my lack of motivation is due to knowing in a few months I am doing it all.
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