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Re: Easiest way to wash wool longies?

A bit of dawn or even just baby wash and some white vinegar to neutralize odors should do the trick. I tried my top loader washing machine today. Anther poster suggested this and you do need to be careful not to over agitate.

I did cool or cold water, small load, a bit of detergent or whatever soap you prefer with 1/4 cup vinegar. Let agitate 1 -2 minutes on gentle. Stop the washer and let soak for about 30 minutes give or take a few. Let agitate again for a couple of minutes more and then move the dial to spin and let spin out. For the spin I prefer to let most of the water drain and then refill with rinse water repeat the above but let agitate only once. When spinning out the water remove the longies when most of the water is gone. Then fold lengthwise in a towel. Return them to the washer to finnish spinning out. To me this is gentler on the longies. Not folding in a towel has resulted in a few small holes in my upcycled wool. My theory is also that it gets more moisture out of them speeding dry time.

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