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Re: Is more time off ok?

Originally Posted by jesajane View Post
We are just doing the basics right now. Basically reading and math. The only "extra" is that I'm trying to finish the pilgrim history with her. Yeah, pilgrims in December. And I try to get her watercolor painting out so she has art class, but really it helps me when she is occupied for half an hour.

Again, thank you. I'm afraid of letting her down and failing her in this endeavor. It's good to hear the voices of experience.
LOL, this sounds exactly like us. My DD is 6 too and we are also studying pilgrims etc right now . And many of her math worksheets have turkey themes as well...

Seriously though, I could have written your post myself. I am feeling stressed about it, but my plan is just to go a little longer at the end of the year, or pack a little more into our less-busy weeks along the way.
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