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Originally Posted by ZooMamaTo3

I have some of the pre-reqs done, but not all. Funny enough, A&P was not part of my bio degree so that is where I'm starting. I am also taking the GRE in March as it is required to apply to the nursing program. They program I am starting allows you to be admitted before your pre-reqs are done, you just need them to move on to the next Phase of the program. When you are admitted, you get your BSN, full time in 2 years, then you are eligible to become an RN, then you are already admitted to start an MSN concentration. Altogether it is looking like it will take me 5 school years, but I will work a year or two for some experience before I start the MSN Phase. Aaaagggghhhh! That sounds scary when I type it out!
Sounds like an adventure for sure. :-)
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