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Sarah, your pics make me want to take pics of my chicks in front of the Christmas tree! I am SO doing that.

A weird thing happened today. Our chicks, we got from a hatchery thru the mail are 6 weeks old this week. A couple weeks ago we were in the feed store and I happened to ask the owner if he would be ordering chickens anytime soon and if I could add a few silkies in with his order. He said, sure no problem, he would likely make an order after the holidays.

So, he took my info down and asked what I wanted. Without too much thought, since it was a spur of the moment inquiry, I blurted out 2 white & 2 black silkies, considering we already had buff and did not know what the hatchery carried other than those. I was just feeling him out to see if we could add on to his regular order of chicks. I was even pretty sure he would not do this so, I was excited he would and jumped at the opportunity not to have to make a special order myself with the hatchery and pay all the extra fees.

So, I figured we would discuss it more when they placed the order, like they would call me and ask if I still wanted those and wanted to add any others on the day they place the order, ya know?

Well this morning we get a call from him saying our silkies had arrived! I about died! Our 6 wk old chicks have been outside going on 3 weeks now, we did not have a brooder set up and no extra heat lamp. But, I hauled butt up to the store and picked up my four beauties! I am giddy with excitement and cannot stop watching them tonight. Oh, I went to Home Depot for another lamp and bulb, since the feed store was sold out.

We only had 2 silkies with our hatchery order in Nov, and they turned out to be our favorites, we never had them before and we are so thankful for these additional angels. Now that I am thinking about it, I don't even know how he ordered them, because they have been sold out on the hatcheries website for weeks....I must call him to find out how he swung it. They say sold out til Spring 2013. I think Santa must have been involved...

I could not wait for Ariana to get home from school today, and of course of all things, she got detention for not turning in an assignment and so I had to wait two extra hours for her to get home!!!

They all appear to be in excellent shape, they arrived with what looked to be 40 other chicks, big standard sized ones. One of the black ones seems a wee bit on the small side, but eating and drinking away just like the others. I am so happy happy! And it's wonderful that the feed store will take my orders when they order, so we can get additional ones when some of these beauties turn roo and we have to rehome them.

This time I put the starter food thru the food processor since these littles have a hard time with the larger crumbles. I think they are doing great with it and eating tons. We have them in the bottom of our finch cage, the finches are afraid of them, but they can hang out in the top of the cage, so we don't worry about them. Oh, I am in love with these babies and Ariana was so incredibly happy and surprised like I was. Jim thinks they are pretty wonderful and cute too, along with my mom and dad. This was a good day, much better than a couple weeks ago when we lost Precious.

Anyway, photobomb coming....
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