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Re: Stripping/Sweeping membranes?

Originally Posted by mother4JC View Post
My membranes were stripped at 38 weeks with dd, and nothing happened. Then at 39 weeks that afternoon, my water broke, however, I wasn't having any contractions so they told me I could wait and see if my contractions started on their own or they could give me pitosin. So I chose the pitosin. As long as everything is looking good at 37 weeks he is planning on stripping them again.
wow - that is the exact same thing that happened to me - lol !! membranes stripped one monday, DD was born the following monday!

i had bleeding/spotting and mucusy stuff coming out for 3 days after my membranes were stripped .. i don't think it really 'worked' since it took a week, but somethin gworked!
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