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There's a million different ways to adjust a cookie recipe, but here's a few tips for an airy cookie.

1. Use softened (not melted) butter or shortening. I like a 50/50 split of the two. Cream the fats and sugars until fluffy and light. Then cream in eggs. Again until light and fluffy. Mix everything else in lightly. Creaming makes an airy structure to the dough.

2. Cooling dough before baking will make it take longer for the fats in the recipe to melt, allowing the structure of the flour to firm up before all the air bubbles in the fat's structure melt away.

3. Similar to number two, baking at a slightly higher temperature for a shorter time will build the cookie's shape before all the fat melts.

4. Adding more flour can help, but be sure to adjust baking powder accordingly, if you're adding more than a couple of tablespoons. Baking soda is what gives lift. Add too much flour and it will be too heavy. If you increase flour by 25%, increase baking powder by 25%.
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