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Re: 4th C/S...Longer Recovery Time Normal?

For me, it was. For all the mentioned reasons, in particular not having help. My dh went back to work 2wks after my c/s, and since it was spring I still had to schlepp three kids back and forth to school all day long and do everything else besides. I didn't have the help and honestly it felt like everyone thought well she's done this before, she's tough and can "deal". I was in my 20's when I had the other three and yes, at least for me the age made a difference plus all the weight I had put on between. My scarring wasn't as bad as it could have been but my incision didn't heal as rapidly as the prior ones and I'm not sure if that was because of the scarring or because I was constantly putting so much pressure on it standing and doing everything. My baby wanted/needed to be carried/wrapped all day long and he wasn't a lightweight. LOL
Do skip the infant seat if you can, you're not supposed to be carrying it anyway. Nothing heavier than the baby until your first pp checkup. Use a soft carrier if you need to go into a store or something. Baby will sleep longer in one too. Find a good back/belly support. It will do wonders for the pain and posture. It takes a while to stop feeling that clicky hip, noodle muscle feeling in your torso. I had a moby wrap that I used most often with ds and it was comforting to wrap the tails around my tummy a couple times for extra support if anything. It will get better, with my first 3 c/s's I felt more normal around week4-5 but with this last one it was more like week 8.
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