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Aaaaaaand the Sbish!

1. Far left (Ister UW) are sold.

2. NWT ML Otter cover: $46 ppd.

3. Size S peacoat shorties ($55 ppd) in EUC. They are in VVVVGUC. There is some minor wet zone felting. They are not faded as far as I can tell (they look slightly faded in the photo). They've been stripped and lanolized since this photo was taken and they look beautiful! There are no snags or tears or broken strings that I can find. I reserve the right to change my mind on these. They hold a lot of sentimental value to me.

4. Size ML Siren shorties in EUC. I cannot tell if these have some very very minor overall felting. There is no specific WET ZONE felting from wear. But it is possible that there is a minor overall felting bc they feel slightly thicker and less stretchy if that makes sense. Asking $58 ppd.

5. SOLD M Pirate shorties in VEUC. There was a time I thought these may have been slightly felted, but now that I've shaved them I think they were just pilly (the photo was taken before the shaving!) If they ARE felted, it is the tiniest tiniest tiniest tiniest bit. These were worn with our Halloween costume and maybe one other time. $58 ppd.

6. and 7. NWT LS Siren and Capri shorties. $60 ppd each

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