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Re: Dr. Browns bottles

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
I've used Dr. Browns for 3 kids. I don't find them a PITA to clean. I put them in the dishwasher! We put the bottle, and the vent on the top rack. We have two baskets for nipples and rings/rubber parts. But I have never felt a need to hand wash them or anything.

If you get them, get the kind that has the markings molded in the plastic. The blue painted on kind wore off with my 3rd child, which was kinda a pain. Granted, it was the 3rd child that was using the same set of bottles...
I too had some of the paint come off the bottle on nearly brand new bottles. I was mortified when I saw some inside the nipple mixed in with his milk. Thoroughly my fault for not making sure no flecks of paint were left inside the bottle but I won't be using Dr. Browns anymore. Plus they are a pain to clean and we don't go through enough dishes to use the dishwasher everyday.
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