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Re: July 2013 Due Dates ** New mamas: please add your info **

Estimated due date: July 14th 2013 *based on ultrasound*
Your Name: Julia
Age: 23
State or Country: ID, USA
How long it took to you to get your BFP: One cycle.
What number child is this for you: 3rd pregnancy, third child (one infant loss at 11 months due to heart defect and Trisomy 21).
Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): One toddler (2 1/2, Judah) and one baby lost 3 months ago (Gabe, would be 15 months).
Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): Probably a boy, considering family history.
Birth Plans/Preferences: As natural as possible, but I have had epidurals in the past.
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