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Re: Wish us luck!

Originally Posted by TrennaII View Post
Omg thanks for sharing all this. We're in a similar position but (shame) has been in disposable pull ups for 3 months now. I made fleece trainers but they didn't work and I haven't had the time... And daycare just asked that he please have something he can pull up and down.

Funny thing is, what's working to remind him (he had it down in February at 20 months) is letting it be mostly up to him and using bribes. I know both are unpopular but... He's 2 1/2.

Mornings I get his jammies and diaper off while he nurses (that was a big barrier if I tried it later), then it's "potty shower teeth and clothes" time. If he flat refuses I don't fight but if he even sits he gets a candy. Candy and praise for going.

Giving him candy just for sitting was our big breakthrough.

Daycare puts him on the potty every 45 min and expected him to learn to do it alone, which he has done.

We have 100% success with #1 at home naked, but not with anything at all on. Go figure. But he's starting to ask to go when he's wearing pull ups.

He has to help clean up and we say icky and talk about poop and pee going in the potty... No shaming or anger. Just matter of fact.

Still zero success with #2 though. Sigh. Maybe when final exams are done I'll spend another few days on a semi-boot camp method.

Anyway good luck! And thanks for the laughs.
Good luck!!!

We are having what APPEARS to be moderate improvement. Fewer accidents, although the one yesterday all over an overstuffed chair was pretty bad...I mean of all the things he could have peed on

SO I have taken to giving him a towel atop a piddle pad to sit on if he is going to sit on the couch or a bed. He's pretty amiable about it (probably b/c he hasn't enjoyed participating in cleaning up his accidents).

Still going commando with pants. I really think that was a turning point. Now that he's not feeling any sort of "protection" or whatever the feeling of a diaper/trainer/undies provides, he's really much more aware.

He woke up from nap today totally dry. Peed a lot on the potty. I think it's just a matter of time/practice at this point
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