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Originally Posted by crunchymom2b
Our boys are 3 and 3 months. Last year we onlybought DS1 one thing - a battery powered Dodge Charger Police Car (like power wheels) but it was of course expensive. He got tons and tons of presents from both grandparents, great grandparents, and aunts and uncles. The 2 years prior we just didn't have the money plus he was so young and we knew family would be getting him more than enough.

This isthe first year we bought a lot for both. Our trick is we save up our change for a few months, usually for casino trips but this quarter for Christmas gifts. One small jar got us $118! Including that I say we've spent $200 total? This is what we've purchased so far (we may get a couple more things who knows)

DS1: (all Thomas the Train) Cranky the Crane, Wooden Percy & Victor, Die Cast Henry, a Take 'n Play playset; a collapsible wooden train bridge, an adjustable basketball hoop, and a Melissa & Doug Crazy Faces Sticker Set
DS2: a Tummy Time Mirror, a musical drum, a Red Sox jacket, a toy bar for his carseat

The In-Laws got DS1 a mini trampoline , some playmobile toys, and DS2 one of those play mat gyms with a kick piano plus at least 5-10 gifts each

My aunt got DS1 a portable DVD player with car kit, a dreamlights dog, the new Hess Truck,plus a few others things I don't know what they are. She got DS2 a Jumperoo Exersaucer (actually bought it overthe summer originally for the shower),a neat little teething ball, plus other things I don't know of.

My grandparents (their g-gparents) got DS1 a Step 2 Art Desk, 2 Thomas DVDs, the game Elefun, a Magic Painter set, animals for his fisher price zoo, and some accessories for his tool bench, and DS2 the Fisher Price Ballcano,some clothes, a Fisher Price Giggle Friend things, and the Fisher Price dog that teaches colors/bodyparts, etc, plusother small things. Then they renewed our familymembership to the local zoo which they do every year.

I have no clue what my mother is getting them, usually a few smaller things.

Then they'll get some things from friends, gift exchanges, x-mas parties, and some other more distant relatives.

That's not counting our gifts to eachother or the stuff our family gets us. Both DF and I had huge Christmases and we want to recreate that for our boys. But I have a feeling this year is going to be way TOO big so now that we're buying more gifts we'll have to ask everyone else to limit themselves if possible. Especially considering DS2 will already have everything from DS1. Oi!
Wow that's a lot of presents. I used to get a mountain of toys too as a child but really only from my parents. Most other family members gave of clothes because I think they knew we were spoiled lol. I think if we had more money and a bigger house we would do more but I will still rather have quality verses quantity. My mother in law always buys lots of "junky" toys that just don't hold up and are broken the next week and then both her and my don are upset about it. This year she took my advice though and got him two tag reader books which he loves and probably won't break so every buddy should be happy. It sounds like your kids are going to be very happy with their gifts. You should take a pic once it's all pulled under the tree.
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