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Re: Anyone else not do ultrasounds?

Originally Posted by Ms.Doula View Post
I agree OP & TNT
I had a few too many ultrasounds with my first and one with my other 2, and none w my other. (Had a Midwife & Homebirth & that helps!)
Too many risks in both doppler use and ultrasounds and so we no longer routinely use either during pregnancy. Midwife uses a fetoscope, Other than that, there are other ways to 'Check on Baby" and we will only have another ultrasound if truly medically indicated. We also decline any other 'routine' testing like Amnio, AFP, Diabetes/Glucose test, and the Beta Strep.
I have done much research & it's just not worth the risk to me.
And this is coming from someone who is on baby #5 And had 2 m/c, an ectopic, and 1 stillbirth @ full term.

For anyone interested in learning more, to make an informed choice. I recomend you check out DopplerDanger on Facebook
I just recommended that site to someone on here earlier. One of my losses was at full term too :-( I'm very sorry for your losses *hugs*
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