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Re: A couple questions...

I can't help with the first question (my baby is the only bottle drinker at daycare so his bottles don't need labeling)

2. Does anyone leave their pump at work during the week? I feel like I have so much to haul back and forth everyday. Thinking of just leaving the pump and bringing bottles and pump parts back and forth for cleaning. What are your thoughts? **** If I can leave my pump at work and just take the parts home for cleaning, I do. For the first 4-5 months I was back at work, I did the exclusively. More recently I'm running into a problem where I don't pump enough at work and have to also pump at home - so instead of buying a second pump, I lug.

3. I provided both cloth wipes soaked in water and just a few disposables just in case. I would rather them use the cloth, but I don't think they have yet. It's not a big deal, but what's the best way to approach it with them? **** Wow, what a fantastic idea! At home we use a spray bottle on our cloth wipes and for some reason thought that sending cloth wipes to daycare would be too much hassle. I might try this. I personally think cloth wipes are SO MUCH easier with cloth diapers and at first I gave my daycare provider a choice - but then I just decided to start sending throw away wipes. I would wait and see if they ask that you provide disposable wipes and then address it then, if you need to. I would assume if they are willing to use prefolds - they'll be more than happy to use cloth wipes, maybe they just need some direction.
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