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Re: How many gifts for Christmas?

I guess I do this in a weird way but I think about all the things DS would REALLY like or play with. Mostly educational or things I know will be a BIG hit. I add them all to my amazon cart and I than talk to DH about what on the list he thinks will be the best of what I picked out. I research the best prices I can get. At that point I try to pare down as much as possible and make sure it is in a reasonable budget. The plan this year was $200 but I think we ended up closer to $300. I will say that the budget is kind of high but we keep much of what we have for the next child and work to buy things that will last for years. If we had more kids to buy for I doubt we would spend as much for each child. We would likely try to get things the kids could both get good use out of. DS is also too young to ask for anything so he just gets what I think will be best.

MIL will get DS a bunch of gifts. No number but she spends around $500 or so best I can tell.

My parents get DS one gift. This years I picked it out and it is around $20 but they have 20 grandchildren!

Grandma in law usually gets one or two toys and some socks and stuff. Maybe around $30 or so.
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