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Re: Greasy hair with shampoo bar?

Originally Posted by debcita429 View Post
Every shampoo bar I have tried has left my hair "waxed" and horribly, horribly tangled in addition to failing to really clean my scalp. I try them and end up using the bar as a sort of shaving soap for lack of better uses. That mode of shampoo just seems to be a horrible mix with my hair. That said, people here are saying such amazing things about Happy Hausfrau bars that it tempts me. But all my experience tells me to resist the urge.
HH shampoo bars are not soap, they are shampoo (syndet means synthetic detergent and applies to most shampoos and things like body wash). They work really well, my hair is soft and tangle free but they are not as "natural" as a soap bar.
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