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If you had to choose...

I have two potential work schedules I have to choose between and I'm really having a hard time emotionally working it out in my head...I've been under a lot of stress and I feel like I'm having a hard time looking at it from a logical view point and thought maybe other opinions might help.

First Schedule (this was my original schedule): Mon 9am-8pm, Tues 9am-6pm, off Wed, off Thurs, Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 12pm-6pm

Pros: I'm home most nights for family dinner and bedtime. I get to see my husband (he works 6am-2pm most days). I have free childcare arranged for Sat and Sun via my inlaws. It's consistent - I know exactly when I go in and when I leave. I'm available to manage problems at work with employees should one arise.

Cons: I would have to pay for childcare for three days of the week (which is very hard to do right now financially...we would really struggle to make it work). I would have to find a childcare provider who is very flexible, can take my DD to school, and can manage my special needs son. I miss out on a good majority of my kids' day and only see them for a few hours at night. It's a somewhat difficult schedule based on the work we do for me to keep up with demand.

Second Schedule (which I just currently switched to): Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sun 4:00pm - until I get the work done.

Pros: Much more efficient based on our workflow. Some days I could leave as early as 8pm if it's a slow day. I get to spend a good majority of the day with my kids. I don't have to find nor pay for a childcare provider. I would have Saturdays off (which I've NEVER had before in all of my working life) so I could actually participate in birthday parties and weekend activities. I don't have to deal with my MIL and her constantly feeding my kids junk food on the weekends. :/ I would be available whenever for any doctors appointments or possible ( ) therapy appointments for DS during the week.

Cons: Just this week, I have worked until midnight two of the nights and until 1am another (we've been very busy lately). I never see my husband except on his two days off because he gets home at 2:30pm each day and I leave around 3:30 for work and he's in bed before I get home. I am tired from working until 12-1am and then getting up with the kids early the next morning. Its a 6-day work week. I miss tucking my kids into bed at night and I miss the "me" time I used to have after they were in bed to get things done (and to putz around on DS )

I'm paid on salary, so it will be the same pay no matter what. What would YOU do? Any other observations I may not have thought of that may help me decide what's better?
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