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Originally Posted by jackobeano
Both of my previous babies have been movers but DS more so, always felt elbows and knees dragging across my belly, ouch. This little girl has also been making me say ouch pretty frequently and DS always asks when I do say it, "baby moving". Uhm yes, lol. You can see my whole belly move obviously from the outside. I love to feel them so I don't mind but it can be uncomfortable. I just count it as a blessing that they are strong and active
This is how my DS was. He would wedge up high in my ribs and jam his knee out. It was hard to breathe and pretty uncomfortable. There were times he really hurt me too. And I could constantly see the "alien" movements from pretty early on (21-22 weeks?).

Like PP, I just considered it a sign he was strong and healthy, while counting down the days til I got my body back. Hang in there, OP.

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