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Re: HSing Check-In December 8-22

Hello all!

Do you all have some Christmas fun planned for school? Learning any old traditions?

I think next week I want to integrate different culture's Christmas traditions into our week and just learn more about them.

We got done reviewing last week and started back up MFW's K this week. It's gone well as we've been home everyday this week! Usually we have a few playdates, but all got cancelled due to this flu bug going around. Along with school, we've been doing our Advent Calendar activities. Some days, it's read a book with a coordinating treat and other days it's a craft or baking for neighbors and have a Polar Express Night is the most anticipated (put kids in pjs, hot cocoa in sippies w/a cookie, give them a "ticket", and load them up in the van at night to drive around and look at lights). They are loving it and will be so bummed after Christmas is over! I think I'll put little notes on their big calendar every so often with a surprise wrote on it. I need to soak up being the popular mom while I can!

Corrie- It is absolutely heartbreaking. DH called to tell me not to watch the news and even when he just told me what happened, I started bawling. Can. Not. Imagine. So random and pure evil. Children and women used to be such a sacred, vulnerable, do-not-touch to a culture (as in "protect the women and children!")... when did young people stop valuing life? Sigh. We would not homeschool though, just to keep them safe as one can never predict this world or it's random acts of violence. It does make me hug on my brood a little more and remember to keep covering them in prayer day and night. And now my prayer is for a peace that passes understanding to be given to those families right now. As I will not be watching the news for awhile now, does anyone know if there is a fund to send money to help pay for funerals?
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