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Re: Lotto of Medium/Large AIO Dreameze, Ragababe, and Blissful Booty

I had never had a serious birthday party, at least not one that I can remember (there are some pictures of a pretty big party my mother threw for me when I was about four, but I don't recall it.) In 2010 my husband went to jail for a year and half. I was crushed. I was a SAHM before that and had to take his position at our local glass store. My co-workers became my best friends and I wasn't so sad anymore. That summer they threw me a HUGE surprise bash for my 24th birthday. They baked me a cake, had all sorts of fun goodies and drinks, a giant bonfire and awesome music. We danced all night long. I had such a blast. Just thinking about it puts a huge smile on my face. I never felt so loved by so many people before. It was great!
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