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Re: Please recommend a convertible for a pick up truck

Horrible admission time, from when my son outgrew his infant seat and I didn't know a ton about car seats:

It is possible to get the nauti in RF, but it isn't meant to. I know this because I hadn't done any research on the seat and went to BRU and the lady told me it could RF FF and booster. So I went out to my truck, put it in RF. and tried it out (didn't drive anywhere-my son was with dh at the time). With a little creative figuring I was able to find a place to put the belt through and "install" but couldn't figure out why the install was so bad. I knew something was wrong as things didn't fit the way they should. So I went back in and read the box and sure enough not suppose to RF. But it was possible to get it in RF and even get a seat belt to kinda secure it. It isn't approved for that and no way was it safe, but it is possible and someone who really didn't read their manual and just believed the people in the store might just not know. That was actually the day that I started reading manuals and really trying to learn about car seats because I didn't want my son[s safety compromised based on misinformation from someone at the store (which is previously what I had relied on).
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