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Originally Posted by slimy72
My son is older now, but he did this too. Someone suggested we do baby sign with him and it really worked. If I had something like a soda, I'd just say no you can't have mine, are you thirsty (and sign thirsty) and then offer an appropriate drink. We taught him please and thank you, and he eventually got very good at signing please when he wanted something and then we could offer choices and see what he wanted. Communication really was key to getting the little fits at that age to stop. It may not work for every baby but it worked for mine. He was a happy little camper once he could tell us what he wanted.
I agree with signing!! When I nannied the youngest wouldn't talk and we had fits all the time. Once I started signing with him it made a huge difference! It's surprising how fast they pick it up!! Some people fear it will keep them from talking but you are talking when you sign so they will when they are good and ready. The child that wouldn't talk for the longest time never stopped once he started. Lol
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