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Re: 5 pink Sbish hemp flats

They were making them around 2009 I believe. They are similar to their current bamboo flats. They're sized, and smaller than a Birdseye flat. Kind of more like a prefold. But they're the same thickness for the whole diaper, like a flat. They're really, really absorbent and trim, super stretchy, soft. They do snappi. I think they're 55%hemp&45%organic cotton fleece. I trifold end angel winged with a bikini twist and snappied them they're awesome, but DD2 has outgrown them. I would save them to just lay in a diaper, but for some reason I can't get into pad folding...I line dry and they come off the line stiff, but with a gentle tug on the corners they soften up immediately. They are really soft if you use a drier.
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