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Re: Stripping/Sweeping membranes?

Originally Posted by ktmelody View Post
You do not have to be 2-3 dilated....I know for sure i was not. I was only a fingertip. I did have spotting. I had it done 3 times with my DS and 2 with my DD. My water never broke, in fact it never broke until my babes were crowning.

And i did not feel a thing. Maybe because i had previous pregnancies, but all i felt was a pinch and it was over in 5 seconds.
Doh ! I didn't mean have to be , just that most say it hurt less or didn't hurt whe they were more dilated ( sorry must have simplified it due to my lil monster here ) so it should have been helps to be . But ya it can be done if you are less then that , and on the waters breaking it is not common but I have met ( online ) a handful of mommas who had it happen to them as well as read it can happen , but that it's not common .
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